Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Your Brain on Music

Music Keeps me sane!
One thing I do on a daily basis is listen to music. I know many people around the world are exactly like me in regards to their love for music. I often say "music is the one thing that keeps me sane". That quote is relevant more than ever to me now.  

Music on the brain
While searching for some new musical artists to listen to, I came across a news story NPR presented about the human response to music.  Research on how music affects the human brain has taken place for years now, but more current research being conducted deals with music being used as a healing tool.  Some stroke patients are using a technique known as "melodic intonation therapy" to allow the undamaged parts of the brain to take over for the damaged areas through music coaxing, with the end goal to help them regain speaking abilities.  Scientists believe that more neurological diseases may have hope for future healing power through something so simple as music. 


Music World Wide
Music is everywhere around us. My generation especially seems to be fixated on the latest music and artists.  Bet you would have never guessed to think that your favorite song could have the potential to one day "keep you sane"!  Read the full NPR new report here The Power Of Music To Affect The Brain