Saturday, March 15, 2014

A New Way To Detect Disease

Strip of paper used for testing. Bottom line indicates presence of disease.
I often find myself reading up on new research developments in science and came across a post involving a new way to detect disease. Most people are familiar with how a pregnancy test works, so I will not get into the details! But the simple process of combining urine and a stick that detects pregnancy is now being used in research for cancer and heart disease. 

This new test only involves two steps. The first step involves an injection given to the patient by the doctor.  After the injection is given, the patient has to urinate on a strip of paper and if the disease is present the paper will change color. Simple as that! This test also proves to be cheap and easy which is a good advancement in the medical industry.  Normal testing for cancer and heart disease can be expensive. The researchers of this study used mice and their urine to detect disease.  When the mice urine was placed on the strip of paper, there was a color change which proved those mice to have blood clots (from heart disease) or cancer. The positive results that are being seen from these mice test show future prospect for this test to be used on humans and get the same results.  The only problem with detecting cancer with this test is the fact that there are many different types of cancer, and they may not all show up on the screenings in humans. Besides that small downside in the research, the overall future of this test being used on humans seems bright! I highly suggest reading the full article here: Simple test for cancer and heart disease

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yoga On The Brain

Sun Salutations
Hello there! I have been slacking on my blogging, but have an interesting post!

I am a firm believer that yoga is the key to a stress free and peaceful mind. My yoga ritual tends to be once in the morning to help me start my day with good energy and high vibes. I also do a little yoga before bed so my over thinking mind has a chance to rest. I am just now venturing into the world of meditation to see if it can also contribute to a peaceful state of mind.
The health benefits of yoga have been known for centuries and those are the main reasons many people have become so familiar with the technique. Lower blood pressure, heart rate, better mood, and self-control are a few of those benefits.  Science today is focusing more on how yoga actually affects the human body.  Researchers have found that yoga has a psychological affect on the body, which was not known before. Stress-related diseases such as mental stress are common. Many people around the world are treated for this type of disease on a regular. The cause is vulnerability to disease by inflammation and cellular aging. The relaxation yoga gives to the body has proved to change the way the genes associated with stress-related diseases are expressed. Yoga helps decrease inflammation and slow down the cellular aging process. There is even evidence that yoga may be able to take the place of high blood pressure medicine in most who suffer from the disease! I can do without all the useless medications in the world, but that's a topic for another blog.


Research on how mediation affects the body is being looked into as well.  The prefrontal cortex region on the brain has been studied in long term mediation users compared to those who have not participated in mediation as much. The results have shown that the way those who meditate cope with stress and their mood is more positive. Even overall life behaviors and habits can be shaped from the good of meditation.

I am not the most advanced at the art of yoga, but I plan to try and increase my positions and keep working towards and overall positive way of thinking in life.  I also think I am going to try mediation a little more. Yoga is like the new cross-fit to me! Still have no idea what cross-fit is...

Good Vibes

To read the full article: "Your Brain on Yoga – The Science Behind the Health Benefits"