Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Global Warming/Climate Change?!

Hello there! So my senor year of college I took an environmental class for one of my Biology electives and had to write a twenty page research report on the topic of "Global Warming". After completing the report, I took an interest in the subject that I would like to discuss.

This is a topic that most are familiar with and many have different opinions on whether this is a serious issue or not. I feel that knowledge is the best solution for this debate. I want to provide some insight about global warming and climate change. Scientists have found that the earth's temperature is warming at a rate that is causing significant changes in the weather and climate around us.  Globally the issues at hand range from severe rainfall leading to floods, droughts due to not enough rain, and even ice glaciers are melting causing a rise in sea levels.  So you may be wondering how the earth is just warming and causing environmental problems all around you. I'll explain is the simplest way possible, humans are mainly responsible for the current destruction! There has always been natural causes that have contributed to the change in climate such as volcanic eruptions, but humans have taken it to another level. Activities like burning fossil fuels for energy have caused greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, to act as a blanket around the earth. That blanket traps the energy from those gases in the earth's atmosphere causing it to warm, therefore a build up of greenhouse gases is not good for the earth. Scientists have found ways that we can contribute to the earth and stop this issue from getting any worse. Driving a vehicle, not recycling, and even using to much electricity are common ways we all put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Scientists suggest riding your bike more often than driving and recycling are both great ways to move in a positive direction regarding emission of greenhouse gases. Turning off electronics and switching over to energy saving light bulbs are other ways to help.

A warming climate will affect everyone in the long run. The amount of water we have access to, the type of agriculture, our health, and safety can all be diminished. My goal for this post is to not force the issue down anyone's throat, but to give information for people to want to research the issue themselves. Be open minded, do not just let one persons beliefs shape your own!

Let's try to save the world

To learn more on this important issue visit the EPA website: Climate Change