Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bring On The Beer!

Beer is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks, especially during the summer. My beer preference has changed over the years from liking nasty old Bud Light, to a wide variety of Pale Ales, and now I have a thing for Lager beers.  Yuengling to be exact! 
Beer is life!

While researching the positive effects beer has on the body I came across an article discussing how beer can be used to marinate meat for grilling.  I have heard of people using alcohol to marinate meat, but not beer, so I read on.  I am not a big meat fan, as I have mentioned in previous posts, but I do like to learn about healthier ways to cook meat.  I have to inform the meat lovers in my family! The article explained how grilled meat has been linked to colorectal cancer due to Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) forming when the meat is cooked at very high temperatures. 

When grilling or charring meat the exposure the chemical is greater.  So you are probably wondering what PAHs are right? When products like coal, gas, oil, and even garbage are burned but the entire burning process is not complete, the end result are PAHs.  Do not get me wrong there are natural PAHs as well that can affect us.  Fumes from a car exhaust, wildfires, hazardous waste sites are all ways to be exposed.  High levels of this chemical are found in cigarette smoke and also associated with cancers in animals.

Research has concluded that beer, wine, and tea marinates are able to reduce the amount of PAHs present when meat is grilled!  It's amazing that something so simple as beer can have that great of an affect on the food we eat.  As soon as I completed the article I told my mom how my beer drinking will come in handy with her meat cooking this summer!

To read the full article and learn more on PAHs click here:
Beer marinade could reduce levels of potentially harmful substances in grilled meats