Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Secret Life of The Toothbrush!

Smile Like You Mean It!
Confession time... I have a weird obsession with teeth! I floss almost six times a day and brush my teeth three times.  I know, I am a little crazy.  While on my daily researching kick I came across an interesting article about teeth.

Did you know that there are dangerous microorganisms living on the same toothbrush you use to clean those pearly whites?  Bacteria such as Staphylococci, yeasts, intestinal bacteria and even fecal matter can be found on your toothbrush! Gross, I know.  But don't get discouraged just yet. There are ways to help reduce the amount of bacteria housed on your toothbrush.  The proper cleaning and storage of your toothbrush are the most beneficial ways to fix this dilemma. 

Below are a list of ways to clean your toothbrush:

1. Rinse toothbrush with water after brushing to eliminate excess toothpaste and debris particles.
2. Soak toothbrush in antibacterial mouth wash to decrease bacteria build up.

Proper ways to store toothbrush:

Brush Up!

1. Do not store in a closed container because damp areas attract more bacteria
2. Set upright and allow to air dry until next usage.
3. More than one toothbrush; keep them separate to avoid cross contamination of germs.

When it comes to being sick and using your toothbrush, it is highly recommended that the toothbrush be thrown out.  I never thought to throw my toothbrush out after being sick, but it makes sense to do so.  Those same sick fluids that are transferred to the toothbrush while your sick can therefore be transferred back into your healthy mouth when your no longer sick.  It is also important to get a new toothbrush every three to four months.  Keeping your toothbrush for too long will ensure more bacterial build up. 
Just when I think my floss work is enough to keep my teeth properly clean... now I have to worry about bacterial build up on my toothbrush!

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