Monday, June 30, 2014

Emotional Disposition

Soooo Emotional!
Ever since I was a little girl I can remember being extra sensitive when it came to certain things in my environment.  I tend to cry at sad movies more than normal, feel sympathetic for those who are not at their happiest moments, and sometimes let my feelings get the best of me!  I recently came across an article discussing the topic of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS).  SPS is a personality trait that is defined by the sensitivity throughout an individuals social, emotional, and physical environment.

Research is now showing how SPS is associated with certain behaviors, genes, and specific brain patterns than was known before.  Those who experience high levels of SPS are known as high sensitive people (HSP) whereas those who have low levels are known as low sensitive people.  HSP is a new found concept where the individuals show more reaction to subtle stimuli, process information more thoroughly, and are more emotionally reactive than those who have low levels of SPS.

Shine Bright
A study was carried out and the results proved that those with HSP had much more blood flow to areas of the brain that are responsible for awareness and emotion (the empathetic section of the brain).  The conclusion of the study allows for researchers to continue to learn more about this topic and shows that HSP individuals actually do respond more strongly to social interactions that can cause emotion.  So the next time you catch yourself tearing up at an emotional scene or because the triangle sounded beautiful during the National Anthem (yea... I'll admit that happened to me!) tell your friends not to make fun of it's because you are classified as an HSP and your feelings define you!

To read the full article and how the study was carried out with images of married individuals and their spouses, click here: Sensitive? Emotional? Empathetic? It could be in your genes