Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fun Fact

It is approximately 4:55am and what am I up doing... fixing my blog! I some how deleted all the pictures on my blog from my phone.  Now I am putting them all back up, but this gives me a reason to give a fun fact!


Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming?! Well this idea involves actually being conscious while dreaming.  It has been scientifically proven as possible where your conscious and unconscious mind end up colliding.  While in this conscious state you have the ability to control your dreams!  With lucid dreaming you can explore your dreamland, get over fears, and even fulfill fantasies. There are many benefits to lucid dreaming as well. Lucid dreaming allows for more conscious self-awareness during your dreams instead of your unconscious providing the basis of your dream. You can choose your environment, the people you interact with, and how you feel. During lucid dreaming you can ask your unconscious mind a question such as, "what career path should I take?" and your unconscious mind will respond.  The response to the question may be presented in a surprising form.  The answer could be written in the sky or come from a burst of flames.

Lucid dreaming is an action that can be performed by everyone, but only a few really learn how to use it effectively and on a regular basis.  After reading a few articles on the topic I may have to try this myself. 

To read more and learn the steps to lucid dreaming click here: World of Lucid Dreaming: Learn How to Control Your Dreams