Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nice Weather = More Headaches

Holy Headache
Summer is finally approaching!  I was skeptical for a while due to the bipolar weather we experienced this winter in Ohio.  I naturally look forward to the summer months because it gives me a chance to be out in nature, get some fresh air, and my summer wardrobe is always my favorite!
I recently just came across an article about cluster headaches being triggered by the summer season.  I have suffered from migraines for a many years now, but have not been diagnosed with what type of migraines I actually have.  Some doctors say I get tension headaches or migraines and others have said that I suffer from cluster headaches.  I often read up on both types of headaches to see if I can learn anything new to help prevent them.  According to the article I read, 1 million Americans suffer from cluster headaches during the approaching summer months due to the Earths rotational shift towards the sun.  Since the human biological rhythm is tied into the Earth's rotation, those who suffer from these headaches will experience more pain than usual.

Cluster headaches come in clusters, hence the name.  Cluster attacks can last for weeks or months, but usually occur after a period where there were no headaches.  There are several symptoms for this type of headache; comes without a warning, extreme pain around the eye but may spread to other areas of the face and neck, excessive tearing, pain on one side, and even swelling around the eye.  Due to the seasonality of these headaches, people are often misdiagnosed with having sinus headaches instead of cluster.  To help prevent misdiagnosis,  The Montefiore Headache Center has suggested that patients keeps a diary or log when they get headaches. The logs help doctors detect how frequent the headaches occur and what the symptoms are.  I plan to start my log the next time I experience a headache and use some of the techniques mentioned in the article to help prevent the onset of cluster headaches. 

If you suffer from headaches or migraines that have similar symptoms as the ones mentioned up above and want to learn the onset prevention techniques click here: Summer season springs cluster headaches into action