Sunday, July 27, 2014

Love or Lust?

Hello there!  I have been slacking on my post lately, I apologize for my rudeness!  But I have a great topic to discuss.  Love or Lust?  A question I know I ask myself when it comes to the opposite sex. New research has indicated that eye movements and location can determine whether or not your current situation is love or lust and spare you some of the disaster lol.

Have you ever wondered what your date was thinking as they gazed into your eyes or as they creepily undressed you with their wandering eyes?! I will help you out by explaining what the eyes can reveal between these two actions.  Eye patterns that are concentrated more on a strangers face are associated with the idea of romantic love, whereas eye contact with the body more over the eyes indicates a sexual desire.  The brain and eyes make that automatic judgment in less than a half of a second! 


The researchers behind this study used black and white photographs of couples looking into each others eyes or interacting with each other and then photos of single individuals of the opposite sex looking directly into the camera.  A group of students were used as test subjects and their task was to look at the images and determine quickly if the image showed romantic love or desire.  Results proved that those individuals who associated the photo with romantic love were more visually fixated on the face.  If the individuals thought the image was more of a sexual desire image their eyes move from the face then fixated on the rest of the body.  These results were found in both male and female cases.

This research gives insight into the first clues of how automatic attention processes can distinguish between the pure feeling of love or just feelings of desire at first sight.  There is not much known behind the science of love, but this is a great start.  I may have to use this tactic to on my next date!

To read the full article and how the study was carried out, click here: Eye movements reveal difference between love and lust