Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dirty Fun Fact

Body language

Hello there!  I know I have gone M.I.A for a while, and I apologize.  But I have the most interesting fun fact to discuss.  It may get a little intense, so if you are to young for the topic of sex close your freaking eyes and do not read on!

So recently I have been experiencing some weird body numbness during intercourse.  A little too much information I know, but I have a good point lol.  I was initially freaked out when I could not feel my hands and then it got worse.  I suddenly could not feel my bottom lip.  It was like I went to the dentist and got novocaine injected into my gums.  This has never happened to me before so I thought something was wrong with me medically.  Before I  made an ass out of myself and called my doctor to ask him why I felt like I was paralyzed during sex I decided to do some research. 

I came across many blogs where other females have had the same issue.  It is not one to get bent out of shape about, which is a good thing.  Long story short, it is common for females to experience body numbness during an orgasm or after.  Crazy right!  Apparently most females go through a type of hyperventilation, hence the heavy breathing, which can also lead to body numbness.  During intercourse blood flow is directed to the areas that need blood most at that time such as the heart, lungs, and brain.  Blood flow is being diverted from other areas of the body like the hands and face resulting in numbness. 

I no longer so concerned when my whole body goes numb during sex, just means someone knows what they are doing! To read more on this interesting topic click here: Glamour and here Healthtap