Monday, November 3, 2014

Never to Late For Yoga and Meditation

Hello there!  I know it may seem like a lifetime since the last time I have updated this blog... It actually has been, but I give my most sincere apology!  I have a some interesting information to share about two of my favorite practices, yoga and mediation.  As I have mentioned before, I am a strong advocate for practicing daily yoga and meditation.  I began my yoga journey about a year ago and have learned so much about my mind and body.  Meditation is still a new practice for me, but I plan to continue in the future. 

The practice of hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation can have a positive affect on the body of cancer survivors.  A group of scientists found that the length of a protein found at the end of chromosomes, known as a telomere, will remain longer in length in those survivors who practice hatha yoga and meditation compared to those who do not.  You may be wondering what a telomere has to do with cancer.  Well, the length of a telomere can be associated with disease.  Shorter telomeres are often present in individuals who are diagnosed with a disease such as cancer.  Longer telomeres are said to be protective against disease. 

Research was conducted on a group of cancer survivors.  The study called for the participants to practice mindfulness mediation and gently hatha yoga for a three month period.  Participants also attended support groups and practiced yoga in the home daily as well.  Each participant had their telomere length measured before and after each practice concluding that the telomere length in those survivors were longer in length.  Even though the study was only carried out for a short amount of time the findings show a promising future.  This new research gives hope for a future where simple practices such as yoga and meditation can be used in the medical world to help in ways that were once not thought to be possible! 

To read the full article and learn how the study was fully conducted click here: Clear new evidence for mind-body connection demonstrated in study
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