Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh the Joys of Mucus!

The Struggle!
So a month and a half later I decide to blog! But this topic is so necessary to discuss at the moment.  I have bee sick for over two weeks now... and I am struggling to say the least.  One thing I despise about having a cold is the whole sneezing, mucus thing.  It is a pain in the ass if you ask me!  All I keep thinking is how I can sneeze almost every five minutes, blow my nose and still have enough mucus to keep this process going.  I need a miracle!

Have you ever wondered why you even have mucus?  I am a weirdo and that is something I have thought about since I was little.  Our bodies have things called mucus membranes.  Those membranes consist of passage ways that allow for a connection between our bodies and the world around us.  Our mouths, nose, respiratory, digestive, and reproductive tracts are all considered mucus membranes. 

Holy Sneeze
The main substances that make up the mucus liquid are water, certain proteins (mucin), antibodies, and antiseptics. Each substance has a specific job to do in the body to help fight off a disease or infection.  So yes mucus is actually considered to be helpful to our bodies, as much as I hate to admit it.  Mucus has the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses, but also can help trap dust and dirt from getting into the body.  The presence of mucus in the body can be seen as your body's way of telling you that something is wrong, but will fixed in due time.

I guess I have to look at my extreme mucus issue as a positive to my body trying to fight off this horrible cold.  I will still cringe and complain each time I sneeze and have to blow my nose for the 1,000th time though!

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